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Five Dimes Review

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Five Dimes Review Five Dimes Sportsbook Review Video

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5Dimes is going to be one of the last offshore sports betting sites standing. They’re like the cockroaches after the nuclear apocalypse in a good way. 5Dimes also hasn’t survived this long by stiffing winners. The bigger sportsbooks have made a lot of regular bettors and winning players gun shy. Overall, we are extremely pleased with what 5Dimes has to offer its players. For those that want to know more about 5Dimes and what they have to offer, we have included a comprehensive review of all aspects of the company below. Ratings Breakdown Overall. Overall, we gave 5Dimes four out of five hearts. There is an impressive choice over over 90 Real Series Slots plus both 3 Reel and 5 Reel slots all with smooth animations and awesome sound effects. Choose from your favourite Table Games at 5Dimes Casino like Blackjack, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Roulette, Craps and Let 'Em Ride. There are also more games that may be a little less unfamiliar like Match Play 21, Super 21, Pontoon and many more. According to 5Dimes, their staff will greet you by id when you sit down. This is nice and not something you’d experience even in a brick and mortar casino (unless you’re a regular). 5Dimes has also “enhanced” the payouts for their live dealer games. For example, here are the payouts for their American roulette game. Let me state I've been a customer of 5dimes 12+ years, and I think they are the best in the business but based on recent experience, probably my most recent deposit is last I made to 5dimes I have.

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For example, you can get a combo of "Ties win, 1 incorrect still wins, NFL sides giveaway 6 Points, Other point giveaways vary", or "one incorrect still wins - pushes are incorrect selections - NFL sides giveaway 6 pts".

Ultra Live Betting is the latest addition, offering more depth to the section. Also, you can monitor the section through a classic, a European, or an Asian View.

If you want to make live parlay or system bets you must choose Live Betting Extra and in case you want to combine Live and Pre-Match bets, then you should choose Sports Betting Plus or Sports Betting Prime.

If you reside in the United States, you will have to rollover every one of your deposits once. If you reside in a country outside the US, you will have to rollover your deposit 2 times.

In case you will choose to withdraw your money through Bitcoin, you will not encounter any fees. You can reach out to 5Dimes by dialing the number , both for Customer Support help and phone betting.

It is not often to see the 5Dimes site being down. If this will happen, it will be dure to technical issues and when it will be up and running again you will be able to use it again.

Otherwise, you will still be able to use www. Five dimes does not operate inside the USA and is not under the Federal Law. The 5Dimes live lines are what makes them stand out from the rest, offering a great range of live betting markets.

It is deliberately designed that way to ensure anyone can place a bet without any problems. In any case, picking a winner is always hard, so why complicate matters with complex software?

Instead, it has a clear point-and-click approach that makes betting on the 5Dimes lines an easy experience for everyone. Obviously, the main advantage of this approach is that the loading times are completely eliminated.

Even with a poor connection, you can easily place your bets. This reliability and associated consumer confidence played heavily into our overall rating score.

We were also big fans of the vast amount of sports and events that you could bet on. The biggest negative for us was that the website is not the most visually appealing.

Frankly, it looks like it was designed in a dark room by some school children in The Sportsbook is clearly the flagship of the 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino.

This means that if you are a sports bettor, 5Dimes is incredible for you. The biggest win is the variety of games and betting options available at 5Dimes.

The sportsbook offers every sport you can imagine and then some. They also allow patrons to bet on politics, snooker, handball, competitive eating, and much more.

The sportsbook also offers tons of different types of bets including your most basic straight bets as well as teasers, if bets, action reverse bets, and futures.

An easy 5 out of 5 hearts for 5Dimes. Game variety is another slam dunk for the 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino. There are four different casinos all under the 5Dimes umbrella that you are able to play.

Overall, we were relatively happy with the cashout options at 5Dimes. All reports and research show that 5Dimes pays quickly and reliably to all players.

First, some of the options are only available Monday through Thursday which would add a couple days delay if you tried to request your money over the weekend.

Not a big deal, but not perfect. The casino does offer one free withdrawal per month. The sportsbook and casino also offer a dedicated cashout phone number that you can call for help and recommendations on the best withdrawal method for you.

This is awesome as sometimes the different methods can be confusing. Overall, we are pleased with the withdrawal options at 5Dimes, though, there is always room for improvement.

However, it does not appear to be laid out or explained very well and therefore is somewhat confusing. Initially, all players are enrolled in the reduced juice rewards program.

This is the ability to bet on popular sports with a reduced casino fee. For these other players, the casino offers about other rewards programs.

These programs are a mix of freerolls, rules changes, and other perks. Where we found it confusing was whether or not players were required to contact support and opt into these programs or if they were automatically applied.

It appears that you are required to opt into these rewards programs which is a little annoying, to be honest. Overall, we gave the sportsbook and casino 3.

Our best advice here is to contact support about what is available for the game that you enjoy playing. We tested the options, and most of them are a pleasant experience.

There is of course room for improvement, so we only gave 5Dimes 4 out of 5 hearts. As you can see, the user interface was the lowest scoring category for 5Dimes.

That wraps up 5Dimes bingo promotions. However, keep in mind they run monthly specials too. These are variations of the offers above which usually include guaranteed prize pools, BOGO bingo cards, and variations of their rollercoaster prize pools.

Overall, they have an okay bingo product. Yup, 5Dimes runs a lottery too. And be sure to contact them when you do make a deposit to have the promotion applied to your account.

This is usable only for the Lotto or Lotto They cover the odds, payouts and rules on their site. They also list all the states and drawing times on their site too.

And that wraps up our mini reviews. Here are the deposit options you can use to fund your account, along with the fees and limits for each.

One thing we noticed is that 5Dimes used to offer cash outs made to debit and credit cards. We saw several positive reports of players who used these cards for cash outs, reporting turnaround times in as little as 24 hours.

However, it looks like 5Dimes took this option down for the time being. One other thing we want to point out is how great it is 5Dimes offers bitcoin.

But now it looks like bitcoin is fee-free and without cash out limits for certain players. And according to expert reports, 5Dimes has an excellent reputation for paying their customers …and paying them within a reasonable time frame.

They have several other phone numbers listed on their site. Many are for their specific products. You may have better luck using one of those if you have a specific question about their sportsbook or casino.

Nothing that would stop us from joining 5Dimes. However, we did find one or two things some people might find disturbing.

A bettor, Dan, who claimed to be a new bettor, opened an account at 5Dimes. He bet lots of progressive teasers. The problem? Dan said he called support multiple times because he thought something was off.

But he was told everything was correct. He accused Dan of angle shooting cheating and told him he was confiscating his funds. We have no idea if Dan was the victim or if he tried to pull a fast one.

It looks like 5Dimes got it all though. No nothing new! Tony is still a prick and sbr is ran by scumbags! Pretty much stopped Pursuing this long ago!

I wanted to contact some Costa Rican lawyers but never got around to it, it was just becoming to much of a problem! You can read the entire thread including his final post quoted above here.

You can read our jurisdiction pages to learn more about that. In early , news broke that the US District Court in Philadelphia filed an application for a seizure warrant against 5Dimes for money laundering.

They claimed 5Dimes encouraged customers to send payments by Amazon gift cards. It sounded as if they made no effort to hide it. They asked players to photograph the cards and to send in the receipts.

One account was closed already by Amazon. You can read about it here. If you read the entire thing you surely saw that 5Dimes is FAR from perfect.

They have some good things, some okay things, bad things …and a couple ugly things. Both are a good fit for anyone who likes to bet sports and play casino games online.

Especially Americans. Usually 1 or 2 players per year hit the 25 straight win reward at 5Dimes. Even though there are several strong choices for real-money poker for American players, I still have an eye for hidden gems.

One of the biggest perks of smaller poker sites is that they often have some of the loosest players. The small player base seems soft, but there are rarely more than 20 or 30 active players.

Grand Poker requires a download on a desktop as they do not have an Instant Play no-download version. After you download Grand Poker, you also need to manually transfer funds to poker from your sportsbook balance.

Opening 5Dimes Grand Poker, the software looks about 15 years old. The user interface feels dated and the table is complete with 15 or so low-res cartoon avatars players can choose from.

As a veteran poker player, I think software is largely overrated. I do like some of the Grand Poker software options, such as a number of card graphics visual customizations.

My favorite feature is the ability to customize the size of your bets pre-set into the bet slider. I enjoyed the Grand Poker game quality quite a bit, meaning I found the players to be inexperienced and willing to gamble.

I found players to either be by-the-book and easy to read or loose-passive, meaning you can simply bet for value and expect them to call you down with weak hands.

Pots are often communal and passive, with many players willing to play pre-flop for the minimum and just check it down if no one hits.

Both flop percentages and average pots are above-average, which usually have a strong correlation to loose games. Both are numbers you want to see for action-packed games.

Average game speed is below average, unfortunately, with full 9-seated cash games averaging about 50 hands per hour and shorthanded 6-seated cash games running at 65 hands per hour.

I mostly enjoyed my time with Grand Poker, thanks to beatable games, a smaller community atmosphere, and nostalgia-tinted software only a mother could love.

The traffic is some of the lowest in the market , sadly drawing only total players. Grand Poker can certainly serve as your secondary or third poker site as a profitable change of pace to your main home.

However, serious poker players will be hard-pressed to even find more than one table to multi-table at their preferred stakes.

Adding insult to injury, rebuys are allowed. The legal betting age at 5Dimes is 18 years old. Teaching players how to remain aboveboard is one of the main goals of our legal 5Dimes review, which is why we must stress the importance of abiding by the betting age in your state.

If you must be 21 to bet on sports or casino games in your state, you will need to wait until that age to join 5Dimes. Underage gambling can result in account termination, but this can be avoided by betting at the legal age.

Does 5Dimes Sportsbook Have A Mobile App? The truth is that 5Dimes does not exactly have a mobile app, but they do have an awesome mobile app that works with all devices.

Players can use the 5Dimes mobile site to bet on everything they can on the regular website. They also have a few phone numbers that you can use to place bets over the phone from your 5Dimes account.

This comes in real handy when your internet is not working like it should be. Does 5 Dimes Take PayPal Deposits?

Like most online gaming sites, 5Dimes does not take Paypal. The online payment system does not permit U. If you are looking for another electronic payment method, you can use methods like bitcoin or Visa.

Using Prepaid Visa Gift Cards At 5 Dimes Yes, you can use popular prepaid Visa gift cards when betting for real money at 5Dimes. Prepaid cards are preferable to many players because the funds are not directly tied to a main bank account.

Prepaids can also be more reliable than traditional credit cards. Some of the most popular Visa prepaid gift cards are: Vanilla Visa, Green Dot, Walmart Prepaid.

Why Does 5Dimes Ask For My Social Security Number? When you make deposits with certain methods such as credit cards, 5Dimes may ask for your social security number.

This is for the purpose of verifying your identity and protecting your account from fraudulent activity. You will only be prompted for the last four of your social, and the information is never used for anything other than verification purposes.

Are There Any 5Dimes Scams Going Around? During the beginning of , there were numerous instances of credit card fraud reported by 5Dimes users.

The issue seems to have resolved itself and customers are now able to use credit cards to deposit as normal. As a precaution, you can use more secure methods such as bitcoin that do not involve providing any account numbers.

Aside from this issue, 5Dimes has remained a relatively scam-free online gaming site which is a major feat against many of its competitors.

Will 5Dimes Be Shut Down By The US Government? The site is intuitively designed and a pleasure to browse, while the bonuses are appealing and the customer service team is friendly and helpful.

However, the key concern for most customers is getting their money paid on time, and 5Dimes has a great reputation in this department.

Our review team has held hundreds of shady operators and scam sites to account for, and we can safely say that 5Dimes is an online gambling site that you can trust.

We can highly recommend 5Dimes. Wagering Sports bettors will be hugely impressed by the sheer breadth and depth of betting options that 5Dimes offers.

The 5Dimes online sportsbook has all the main sports covered, including basketball, football, baseball, hockey, boxing, soccer, handball, tennis, golf, and MMA.

Players will also find a dazzling array of weird and wonderful pursuits covered by the 5Dimes sportsbook, such as European water polo, the National Spelling Bee, the next president of Mexico, and competitive eating contests.

The site is laid out in a user-friendly fashion, and players will find the sporting event they are interested in with minimal fuss.

The bet slip is easy to use, and a number of menus and tabs make the navigation process straightforward. The 5Dimes online sportsbook is easy on the eye, and it should appeal to the novice sports bettor and seasoned players alike.

The site explains the various betting options available and how to place a wager. Beginners will appreciate the way the site walks them through every bet if needed, and teaches them how to read odds.

The customer service team is always on hand to provide further assistance to players too. Seasoned players will enjoy the stats center, which features a wealth of databases, game logs, and futures trends on all the most popular sports leagues.

Sports Betting Experience As you browse the 5Dimes sportsbook, you will notice that it covers a number of different sports in exceptional depth.

You will find odds on all the big games on the horizon, but 5Dimes sportsbook also offers betting odds on all manner of niche games taking place around the world.

Some online sportsbooks will only offer three different bet types on games: points spreads, moneyline, and totals.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sex Love & Rock 'N' Roll at Deshalb am Ende doch 5 Sterne, auch wenn mir Hard times und White light ​. noch „Nickels and dimes“ ist leider, das muss ich sagen, etwas schwach und​. Prices for items sold by Amazon include temporarily reduced VAT. Depending on your delivery address, VAT may vary at Checkout. For other items, please see. Raise: Hand of Dimes: MP3-Downloads. Free App · Audio CD €​ · 5 New from € There are 0 customer reviews and 1 customer rating​. Nickels and Dimes, , $ 5. Two Roads, out of 5. 8 global ratings out of 5 stars Five Stars. Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 22/12/ · You can then unlock $10 each time you roll over your deposit amount, meaning you must roll it over five times to unlock the full cashback amount. There . Five Dimes Sportsbook Review. 5dimes sportsbook is available in European, Asian and Classic style. The pre-match section is rich, coming with + events daily from 30+ sports and with an overall payout that exceeds 95%, especially at the moneyline market. This rate might go up to 97%+, depending on the sport. Additionally, the dynamic lines, both from the pre-match and in-play sections give 7,3/ 09/12/ · The legal betting age at 5Dimes is 18 years old. Teaching players how to remain aboveboard is one of the main goals of our legal 5Dimes review, which is why we must stress the importance of abiding by the betting age in your state. If you must be 21 to bet on sports or casino games in your state, you will need to wait until that age to join 5Dimes. Underage gambling can result in 4/5. Which States Are Accepted At 5Dimes Sportsbook? Motor Racing. Become a part Five Dimes Review the ever growing Bookmakers. Overall, the interfaces of the core services are great. As a precaution, you can use more secure methods such as bitcoin that do not involve providing any account numbers. Naughty or Nice Spring Break. Over many years, 5Dimes has had a reputation for treating customers fairly and paying out on all winning bets. They serve both by providing low juice lines — or accounts — plus overnight accounts for almost all Kreditkarte Sicherheitscode Angeben and they stand out because they accept a variety of parlays. This is as simple as picking in advance which team will win the game. The site explains the various betting options available Campari Soda Kaufen how to place a wager. Players can use the 5Dimes mobile site to bet on everything they can on the regular Hoffenheim Gegen Leverkusen. You will need to verify your 5Dimes account before any payouts can be processed, and this is done to protect your account for future requests.
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Five Dimes Review Both are numbers you want to see for action-packed games. Would no longer recommend. Initially, you might think that this means you Deutschland Spanien 2010 required to submit your withdrawal during the posted time frames. THanks for posting and I'll Raluca Olaru a look at this when I have time on the weekend.


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