Spider Man Revelations

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Spider Man Revelations

Alles über The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2: Revelations von J. Michael Straczynski. LibraryThing ist eine Webseite, mit der man seine Bücher verwalten und. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für The Amazing Spider-Man Ser.: Amazing Spider-​Man: Revelations by J. Michael Straczynski (, Trade Paperback) bei eBay. The amazing Spider-Man 2.) Peter Parker - Spider-Man 75 + Revelations Trade Paperback. Herkunftsland: USA. Story-Titel: 1.) Enthüllungen (Teil 3 von 4​).

Spider-man: Revelations

Spider-man: Revelations von Dezago, Todd bei paranormalculturesresearch.com - ISBN - ISBN - Marvel Comics - - Softcover. The amazing Spider-Man 2.) Peter Parker - Spider-Man 75 + Revelations Trade Paperback. Herkunftsland: USA. Story-Titel: 1.) Enthüllungen (Teil 3 von 4​). Alles über The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 2: Revelations von J. Michael Straczynski. LibraryThing ist eine Webseite, mit der man seine Bücher verwalten und.

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Spider man Clone Saga Animated Episode 5 Revelations (Motion Comic)

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Float Left Float Right. Cancel Insert. They rely on art and pacing only to convey their message and can end up as a confused mess.

Of course this one doesn't. A day in the life of MJ, Peter and May. Again Straczynski and Romita manage to tell a simple and good story, with emotion without a single word being said.

Oct 06, Anastasia added it. Jun 14, Colin rated it it was amazing. This book contains the issues of Amazing Spider-Man that brought me back to comics.

I read comics all through junior high school, but fell out of it during Spidey's clone saga stuff. This storyline should have been straight up the single greatest event in Marvel comics, the revelation of Spider-Man's identity, finally, to the woman who is arguably the most important woman in his life - his Aunt May.

Unfortunately, it was circumvented by the greatest tragedy to befall New York City - the Septembe This book contains the issues of Amazing Spider-Man that brought me back to comics.

Unfortunately, it was circumvented by the greatest tragedy to befall New York City - the September 11th attacks.

And while DC comics left the event untouched because all of its characters exist in a parallel reality with cities of different names, Marvel Comics focused entire issues to it.

Spider-Man Vol. Spidey tries to understand the scope of the attacks and rationalize it. I picked this book up having not read an issue in years and it struck me finally that someone at that company finally got it.

I began reading Marvel Comics again. View 2 comments. May 07, Craig rated it really liked it. This is the second volume collecting Straczynski's Spider-Man run, very ably illustrated by John Romita, Jr.

I thought they did it very well, with some honest feeling and tasteful restraint. They had to know that no matter what they did, they'd offend a lot of people, and yet they knew that not addressing the event at all would be worse.

I thought it was quite good. There's a nice homeless-ki This is the second volume collecting Straczynski's Spider-Man run, very ably illustrated by John Romita, Jr.

There's a nice homeless-kids storyline interspersed with a Lois-has-figured-out-that-when-Clark-takes-off-his-glasses one oops, you know, I meant Aunt May The book concludes with an excellent no-dialog silent story featuring Mary Jane and Aunt May dealing with Peter's situation in their own ways.

It's an excellent blend of writing-without-words and illustration. Altogether, it's a worthwhile volume. Oct 14, Shannon Appelcline rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , comics-marvel.

After his middling first arc, JMS returns with a set of four one-off stories that have heart in a way that the story of Ezekiel and Morlun didn't.

Twenty years later, it feels like it's from a different lifetime, and though it's a bit wordy, it's still a moving reminder of what we lost.

Interlude The best part of JMS' first story arc was the tiny After his middling first arc, JMS returns with a set of four one-off stories that have heart in a way that the story of Ezekiel and Morlun didn't.

The best part of JMS' first story arc was the tiny bit of focus we got on Peter as a person and now a teacher. The Conversation One of the best things that JMS did was allowing Aunt May to find out that Peter was Spider-Man.

It allowed both characters to mature in ways that they hadn't in decades which is why it's all the more bitter that Marvel rebooted it so quickly thereafter.

Meanwhile Jan 28, Joshua rated it it was ok. Now, I know the time this lead issue was written was an awkward and terrible time for everyone, and I don't envy authors who had to write about characters in a city where a real life tragedy occured, but man this issue is frustrating.

Kiss my grits. And Doctor Doom CRYING? I don't think he'd be GLAD something like this happened, but he wouldn't care at all about the lives lost.

Magneto and Juggernaut I could buy, because they often ride the line between hero and villain; however, I'm pretty sure Magneto was presumed dead at the time this comic was originally published.

Also, there's a line about how unfortunate that Captain America has had to see this twice? I don't know if this is supposed to be referencing Pearl Harbor, or what, but that line was a big what the heck for me.

So overall, that issue starts the collection out on such a sour note. The actual storyline of this collection isn't too bad.

Aunt May discovers Peter is Spider-Man, and has to cope with it. Its really a touching issue, and this time it was the real Aunt May, and she lived well past this, so we get to see her fit into Peter's double life in new ways.

They have a tearful moment with each other where they both express how they each carried some blame for Uncle Ben's death, and what a relief it is to not carry secrets any longer.

This was a great issue, and had very little action, just character driven dialogue. However, this book is done a great disservice by a forthcoming book in the series titled "One More Day" where it is effectively erased from existence.

Everyone forgets Peter's identity except for Mary Jane, so presumably this whole discussion is forgotten about, and they're back to lying to each other.

Good read by itself, marred by further plot development. Jul 09, Norman rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics.

Super non-Spider-Man volume. Lots of heart with still enough humor thrown in to feel Spider-Man-like. Jun 21, Jamie Poff rated it it was amazing.

JMS really does a fantastic job with the writing, particularly in the first issue 36 of AMS V2 , and the contrasting silent issue sets off the entire arc as a piece of comic art.

Jul 28, Xavier Guillaume rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Spider-man fans, Marvel fans, literature fans. Shelves: graphic-novel. The art in this volume is amazing.

I love how much emotion you can see on the characters' faces, especially on Peter and Aunt May. Because this book is jam-packed full of emotion, the emotion through the art is pivotal, and this book surely does not disappoint.

Issue 36 is about the attack on the Twin Towers. It's a sad, emotionally-charged issue given the material it is covering.

It's solemn, and poetic. Perhaps this issue is not pertinent to the overall Spider-Man story, but it is important fo The art in this volume is amazing.

They leap into the ruins of a nearby school and find some children playing in the rubble. As they are trying to get the kids to safety, the pair is suddenly ambushed by Gaunt.

In the ensuing confusion, Ben manages to slip away and changes into Spider-Man. As the wall-crawler distracts Gaunt, Peter leads the children to safety.

In Manhattan, Mary Jane and her Aunt Anna are sitting down to lunch at the Daily Grind. When Mary Jane orders the gumbo, the waitress goes into the kitchen to prepare the meal.

When nobody is looking, the waitress then slips a drug into the soup with a sly grin on her face. Back in Queens, Spider-Man continues to fight his foe and learns that it is Gaunt, the man who ran Multivex and forced Seward Trainer to work with him.

This distracted thought allows Gaunt to finally strike the web-slinger. The battle then causes a collapse elsewhere trapping Peter and the children.

As Parker tries to move the rubble, his spider-powers aren't co-operating. However, his spider-sense begins going off warning him of the children whose eyes have just started glowing.

At that moment, at the Daily Grind, Mary Jane has suddenly gone into labor and it is an incredibly painful one, prompting an ambulance to be called.

The paramedics on the scene realize that this isn't natural and could spell trouble for the pregnant woman and her unborn child.

In Queens, Spider-Man finally pins Gaunt to the ground and gets a good look at his restored face.

He instantly recognizes him as Mendel Stromm -- the man that Spider-Man once fought years ago. By this point, Peter has discovered that the children in his care are actually robots and manages to escape the deathtrap and rejoins Ben.

As they are surrounded by Mendel Stromm and his creations, Peter receives a notification from his mobile device and realizes that Mary Jane is in serious trouble.

Revelations continue in Amazing Spider-Man Revelations continues from Sensational Spider-Man Mary Jane is being wheeled into the emergency room after she started undergoing painful labor while at the Daily Grind.

With her is her Aunt Anna, who tries to comfort the pregnant woman who is afraid that something is happening to her unborn child.

They are joined by Doctor Folsome, who tells Mary Jane that his regular doctor cannot be reached and he will be looking after her from this moment on.

Also at the hospital is Daily Bugle photographer Angela Yin, who recognizes the Parker woman, as she snaps a photo of the scene Angela wonders why her husband Peter isn't here with her.

At that very moment, Peter Parker and Spider-Man are fighting for their lives at the ruins of Midtown High as they are attacked by Gaunt and an army of robots fashioned to look like children.

Peter is all too aware that Anna has been trying to get ahold of him, but can't pull himself away from the battle.

However, Gaunt is intent on killing the wall-crawler and Peter doesn't think Ben will survive if he leaves and insists on staying. By this time, Angela Yin has called Joe Robertson at the Daily Bugle to tell him about Mary Jane's condition at the hospital.

After hearing this, he relays the news to Glory Grant, and feels awful for Peter after everything that has happened to him recently.

Back at Midtown, Spider-Man and Peter Parker continue to fight against Gaunt and his robot army. While Ben destroys two of Gaunt's plastoid robots, Peter takes down the robots that have been fashioned to look like children.

While at the hospital, Doctor Folsome and his team of doctors help Mary Jane through a very complicated and painful delivery.

As she strains to give birth to her daughter, Mary Jane is unaware that a mysterious figure is watching from the operating theater above.

Satisfied that everything is going exactly as planned, the mystery man then leaves to carry out the next phase of his plan. At Midtown, Peter manages to come across a telephone that still works and calls Anna to check in on Mary Jane.

As he fights off the rest of the robots, he tells Anna that he has been stuck in a subway car. Learning that Mary Jane is having a difficult delivery and the doctors are concerned, Peter assures her that he will get there as soon as possible, saying that nothing will keep him from getting to his wife.

Meanwhile, at the 28th Precinct, Detective Connor Trevan interrupts his colleagues, Francis Tork and Lou Sneider, to introduce them to Arthur Stacy, the brother of the late George Stacy.

Arthur tells the officers that he has called a meeting with them because the man who murdered his brother has not been brought to justice and wishe to speak to them all because of their occasional association with Spider-Man.

At that same moment, Spider-Man continues to dodge Gaunt's attack. Having just learned that he is Mendel Stromm, the wall-crawler asks how he managed to survive his brush with death and who his mysterious employer is.

With Spider-Man at his mercy, Gaunt decides to tell him something about the wall-crawler's old friend Seward Trainer.

Gaunt then tries to blast the two Spider-Men with knock out gas, but is surprised when it doesn't work.

While back at the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson asks Joe Robertson what he knows about a surprise board meeting that has been called as well as an impromptu Halloween party organized for the staff.

Joe doesn't know what the meeting is about but reminds Jonah that the staff could use a morale boost after the recent round of layoffs.

He also suggests to Jonah that there won't be a disaster if the paper shuts down for a few hours so the staff can have some fun. As he says this, he is unaware that the men setting up decorations in the bullpen is also putting out jack-o-lanterns that are rigged with explosives.

Back at the scene of the battle, Spider-Man continues launching attacks at Gaunt, demanding to know what he knows about Seward Trainer.

Gaunt explains that Trainer was just another pawn that was used to manipulate Reilly and that once his usefulness was over he was killed.

Hearing how his best friend was murdered, Spider-Man loses his temper and begins ripping apart Gaunt's cybernetic armor.

However, he stops short of killing Gaunt, reminding himself that he isn't a heartless killer like the Punisher.

With the battle over, Spider-Man tells Peter to get going so he can be there when his daughter is born. Having destroyed the last of Gaunt's robots, Parker doesn't argue and bounds away.

With Stromm disarmed, Spider-Man then begins demanding answers when he is suddenly blasted by someone standing behind him.

Spider-Man instantly recognizes who this man is and can't believe it as he believed them to be dead. With Spider-Man down, the mystery employer reminds Gaunt what happens when his minions fail him and blast Gaunt as well.

At the hospital, Mary Jane gives the final push to give birth to her baby. When she doesn't hear the baby crying, Mary Jane asks what is wrong with her baby.

That's when Doctor Folsome begins making his apologies, making Mary Jane realize that he baby didn't survive.

As she cries one of the nurses, who turns out to be a woman by the name of Alison Mongrain removes her surgical mask and wheels a car out of the operating room.

In addition, they decided that Jackal and Kaine had to be included in the story in order to cater to fan expectations, even though neither character is mentioned in Mackie's notes.

Ben Reilly and Peter bond after Kaine attacks them, and Ben stays in New York as Peter's blond-haired cousin so he can build a life of his own.

He adopts the identity of the Scarlet Spider and works at the Daily Grind. Ben, Peter, and Kaine reach the lair of the shadowy figure responsible for infecting Aunt May and Mary Jane with a genetic virus.

The villain is revealed to be the Jackal, who captures all three and reveals that he plans to make an army of Spider-clones and take over the world.

Since Ben was the only clone to turn out stable, the Jackal takes a sample of his blood to perfect his cloning technique. A mastermind over the Jackal wants the blood sample as well, for the body of Norman Osborn.

The Jackal intends to clone Gwen Stacy and another unknown figure, and Kaine breaks himself, Ben, and Peter free. During the subsequent fight, the clones dissolve and the Jackal suggests that Ben is the original Peter Parker.

Kaine kills the Jackal, Ben and Peter escape with the cure and save Aunt May and Mary Jane, who is revealed to be pregnant.

Peter retires, saying Ben is the real one, so Ben creates a new costume. Peter and MJ begin planning for their baby with the support of Aunt May, while Peter focuses on acquiring a research grant.

Ben battles Doctor Octopus, who escapes after knocking down debris. After Ben tracks him down, the villain notes that the newly costumed Spider-Man seems to be an impostor.

Kaine arrives and attempts to kill Octopus by asphyxiating him with some webbing and then escaping. Ben shreds the webbing off, saving his life.

Informed that Mary Jane is about to give birth, Ben and Peter swing to the hospital in their respective Spider-Man costumes. They come into conflict with Kaine, who escapes and is chased by Ben as Peter goes to the hospital.

At the hospital, the baby is born and named May Parker. The nurse takes the baby to ready her for the parents, but actually hands the baby to Kaine at the docks.

Kaine tells the mastermind he has the baby, who remarks that it will be raised overseas. The mastermind, now in control of a Parker blood sample, resurrects Norman.

The mastermind, Harry Osborn, gives a Green Goblin mask to Norman and tells him there is work to be done. Moments later, Harry attacks Ben and captures him as bait for Peter.

Harry asserts that Ben is just a clone. Kaine speaks with the revived Norman, who is a clone, and discusses baby May's fate. Kaine tells Norman he feels that May is his family in addition to Ben, Peter, Mary Jane, and the elder May, and she should not be held accountable for the sins of her father.

Harry deploys a Goblin signal outside the building OsCorp , which attracts Peter, who is still searching for his daughter.

Peter finds Ben and both are threatened by Harry. Norman blasts Harry and tells him that he cannot continue the cycle of violence. Peter frees Ben, and both help Norman.

Peter's shoulder is dislocated, and Ben demands to know where baby May is, as Aunt May and Mary Jane wonder where Peter is. Kaine enters through a window with baby May and gives her to her family.

Back at OsCorp, Harry is restrained by Ben, so he activates his glider to impale Peter from behind. Ben prepares to leap in the path of the flying glider, but Norman jumps in the way, killing himself with it once more.

Norman disintegrates due to cellular degeneration. Harry vows to get even. He is put in a sanitarium. Ben leaves the city, but says he will return from time to time.

Peter tells Ben that both villains were liars, and it does not matter who is the clone, but they each have a life.

The decision to replace Peter with Ben as the regular, true Spider-Man met with a massive outcry from many readers and was also unpopular with many of the creative staff of the day.

Judas Traveller and Scrier were seen as too far out of Spider-Man's league to serve as villains. The decision to resurrect the original Green Goblin was also very controversial; his death was part of the acclaimed " Death of Gwen Stacy " storyline.

Glenn Greenberg, author of The Osborn Journal 1, commented "If Norman was alive and watching everything from the shadows, why did he let his son Harry die?

Why did he let the first Hobgoblin come into being-especially since Hobgoblin 1 broke into Norman's secret hideout and stole his personal journals?

Tom B. Spider-Man editor Mark Bernardo said "the length of the story arc was initially planned to be short, but rapidly spun out of control and ended as a fiasco: Ironically, the whole storyline, which was supposed to simplify Spider-Man's mythos and ultimately bring him "back to basics" ended up complicating everything beyond what anyone imagined!

Howard Mackie stated that "the Clone Saga has not always had the best rap. The thing that struck me in reading various things on the Internet is that people would complain about the Clone Saga, and then go on about how wonderful Ben Reilly was.

I found that very curious. Marvel eventually parodied the saga in Spider-Man: Ways to End the Clone Saga 1 January , and again with a gag cover for "Sheep-Man" in an issue of What If The alternate future universe of MC2 Spider-Girl May "Mayday" Parker follows up on some events from this storyline.

The series establishes that six months after Spider-Man: Revelations , Mongraine was tracked down by Peter's first clone Kaine, who rescued baby Mayday from her grip and returned her to her parents Peter Parker and Mary-Jane.

Subsequently, she grows up to become Spider-Girl. The events of " The Final Chapter " or more accurately, " The Gathering of Five " take place two years later.

In the final battle at the conclusion of the MC2 version of the storyline, Norman Osborn dies and Peter loses one of his legs.

Mayday generally wears a costume based on Ben Reilly's Spider-Man design. Felicity Hardy fights crime as The Scarlet Spider. Kaine is also a recurring character.

Spider-Girl 44—50 and 52 focus on loose ends of the Clone Saga, such as Alison Mongraine planning to kill Normie Osborn , believing he could pose a threat to the child who was placed in her care.

May reveals herself to Alison in order to save Normie. Alison is last seen in Spider-Girl Issue 44 saw Peter telling May about her Uncle Ben, but not that he was a clone.

Overall, the issue recaps the Clone Saga storyline. There was to have been a panel with Ben Reilly in his Scarlet Spider outfit, but it was left out, [29] hence the cover mentions him as The Scarlet Spider.

A new Clone Saga began in the pages of Amazing Spider-Girl. Normie Osborn, inheriting a few of his grandfather's laboratories, stumbles across a fluid tank containing an exact physical duplicate of Mayday Parker, with several journal entries left behind by Norman Osborn indicating that she is the real Mayday.

This May is eventually revealed to have symbiotic powers. Eventually, both Mays come to an understanding and, with the aid of Peter and the spirit of his late Aunt May, defeat Norman Osborn in a psychic duel when all three Parkers are merged briefly into one body controlled by Norman's active consciousness.

The story continued in The Spectacular Spider-Girl , a feature being published both online and in the pages of the new Web of Spider-Man.

In it, the new May changes her name to April and becomes Mayday's rival and occasional partner. Eventually, April is defeated by the Fury and the Goblin Queen and told that she is the clone.

April is eventually freed and together, she and Mayday defeat the Fury. April afterwards begins to get involved with the gang warfare erupting in New York and eventually cuts herself off from the Parker Family.

The saga ends with a future incarnation of April who, having experienced a drastically darker future which is created from Mayday's death, travels back in time and urges her past self to save Mayday's life.

Spider-Man: Revelations. Paperback – October 1, by Todd Dezago (Author), Tom DeFalco (Author), Howard MacKie (Author), J. M. Dematteis (Author), Luke Ross (Illustrator), Steve Skroce (Illustrator), Mike Wieringo (Illustrator), Bud Larosa (Illustrator), Scott Hanna (Illustrator), John Romita (Illustrator) & 7 more.4,6/5(4). Spider-Man Revelations Juega AHORA en ️ tragamonedascom Sin descargar Sin registro Sin depósito Solo los mejores juegos de CASINO — Spider-Man Revelations. 1/8/ · My review of Spider-Man revelations Brilliant book great continued story brilliant series of comics would suggest to comic lovers of the amazing Spider-Man homecoming Yolo. flag Like · see review. May 27, amy rated it it was amazing. Shelves: comix. 1. i love 4,2/5. Perhaps this issue is not pertinent to the overall Spider-Man story, but it is important fo The art in this volume is amazing. Then an issue dealing with homeless children where Spidey is powerless so Peter tries his best Online Rollenspiel Kostenlos deal with it as a civilian. Perhaps because Peter has experienced so much, and has faced the hardest dangers, he can choose and not be afraid. Meanwhile, Aunt May struggles Cricket Australien her discovery of Peter's greatest secret. Jul 28, Henry Blackwood rated it it was amazing. However, he stops short of killing Gaunt, reminding himself that he isn't a heartless killer like Pockie Punisher. Spider-Man Unlimited 8. Mayday generally wears a costume based on Ben Reilly's Spider-Man design. The best part of JMS' first story arc was the tiny After his middling first arc, JMS returns with a set of four one-off stories that have heart in a way that the story of Ezekiel and Morlun didn't. Thus, no outrageous Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes 2021 was out of bounds. Michael Aktuelle Seite: Home Spider-Man. Währung umrechnen. Thing Ben Tiptico.
Spider Man Revelations
Spider Man Revelations The saga was resolved in "Revelations", which concluded in Spider-Man # In order to give Norman Osborn's return some credibility and link to continuity, Greenberg charted a detailed timeline to explain how Norman had survived his death and what he had been doing in the years he was believed to be dead. A graphic novel which resolves the mysteries of the controversial Clone Saga, and reintroduces the original Green Goblin, one of the most malicious masterminds of all time. Revelations concludes in Spider-Man #75 and Spider-Man: Revelations #1. Appearing in "The Night of the Goblin!" New Material Only Featured Characters: Spider-Man (Parker) [Chronology 1] Supporting Characters: Spider-Man (Reilly) [Chronology 2] Antagonists: Green Goblin [Chronology 3] Other Characters: Mary Jane Watson-Parker Aunt Anna Shirley Washington. Notes: When Spider-Man #75 was reprinted in Spider-Man: Revelations #1, an additional 13 pages were included. Subsequent reprints of Spider-Man #75 include these additions. Characters that only appear in the supplement material do not have links to their pages and are listed in italics. For the appropriate chronology of those characters, please refer to Spider-Man: Revelations #1 Featured. PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #75 0. "Revelations" conclusion. This comic by far is my favorite comic of all time. It's written by Howard Mackie and drawn by the great John Romita Jr.
Spider Man Revelations Back in the city, Seward Trainer has survived Gaunt's attempt on his life and trying to figure out what to do next. Skl Los this Www Fusbal Laiv Ergebnise De, the storyline outlived several key creative staff and many decisions on the eventual direction of the storyline were changed. While their backs are turned, the Green Goblin emerges from the rubble and murders the two men in order to cover up the fact that he survived. Virtual Morality Scarlet Spider Unlimited 1. Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 2: Revelations | Straczynski, J. Michael | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch. Spider-Man: Revelations | Dezago, Todd, DeFalco, Tom, MacKie, Howard, Dematteis, J. M., Ross, Luke, Skroce, Steve, Wieringo, Mike, Larosa, Bud, Hanna,​. Spider-man: Revelations von Dezago, Todd bei paranormalculturesresearch.com - ISBN - ISBN - Marvel Comics - - Softcover. Straczynski, M: Amazing Spider-man Vol Revelations: "Revelations" and "Until the Stars Turn Cold" (Amazing Spider-Man S) von Straczynski, Michael J. beim.
Spider Man Revelations


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